Wardrobe Clear

A wardrobe revamp to rival Marie Kondo!
Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and not one thing to wear?

Do you have pieces you haven't worn in years?

Are there items with price-tags still attached?

You are not alone and our team are here to help you! 

It's time to put your hoarding ways behind you and refresh your wardrobe with only items that are perfect for you. Too often we keep our clothing for emotional rather than practical reasons and this makes life unnecessarily cluttered.

During your wardrobe clear we will: 

  • Find the definitely yes items
  • Find the definitely no items
  • Sort out the emotionally attached items - (and put them away in a safe place)
  • Write a shopping list of garments you will need to have your wardrobe working beautifully
  • Write a list of wants!
  • Learn how to put together outfits to mix and match - (giving you more outfits for less cash)
  • Add accessories to bring your wardrobe to life with style and flare

We'll leave you excited to get dressed each day rather than daunted by your wardrobe.

We recommend having your style & colour analysis first but we can also help with stand-alone wardrobe clear outs. 

Contact us to book your Wardrobe Clear today!