"Thank you! I have indeed done my homework and am very excited about the style workshop! And you would be proud – I am dressed up with make up on even though just working from home and running errands. When I popped into the jeweller’s to pick up a bangle, the owner commented on how good I looked! First time in a long time that a stranger has said something like that to me."

~ Georgia, Orange


"Hi Robyn, I really enjoyed the accessories workshop and have got my eyes peeled now for accessories to wear with different outfits. I have even bought my first belt for many years to wear. This is a big step for me!! You have shown me the right sort of belt to buy and how to wear it; I was very pleased with my purchase. As for my wedding outfit, I ended up at Carla Zampatti and chose a “sapphire” coloured silk taffeta pencil skirt and fitted jacket, it felt right and comments from other shopper in the store said it was a winner. It had all the elements that you taught me for my shape and the colour was perfect! Thank you again i will send you a photo after the wedding."

~ Grace, Melbourne 


"Hi Robyn, I thought I would fill you in on my recent purchases. I now have a new fascination for accessories and have recently been to Melbourne and had an absolute ball..........so many shops! I brought two dresses and wore one of them to a wedding felt great when I left the house which is a definite change for a formal event and yes i wore heels!! I have never had so many compliments in my life (all thanks to you)."

~ Siobhan, Bathurst


"Hi Robyn, thanks for a great afternoon of shopping.I had a ball and Iam really happy with my purchases. Looking forward to the next time."

~ Laura, Canberra 


"My wardrobe is really good!! I have gone a whole week without having to wear the same thing more than once!!! Thanks again for the shopping day I really enjoyed it."

~ Amanda, Bathurst NSW


"Am still getting comments. Even the kids at school noted a difference. It's just so good to know what I am looking for."

~ Anne, Warrnambool VIC


"I had my hair cut the other day, I have kept the same length but had it much more layered as you suggested. Lots of people have commented favourably."

~ Marilyn, Warrnambool VIC


"Just a line to say how much more confident I am feeling since having my colour and style done. I haven't bought much yet but I am finding that I am dressing, and feeling so much better with the clothes I already have. My confidence has grown and a lot of people have asked me if I have lost weight (you can't ask for more than that). Thanks for all your help."

~ Liz, Orange, NSW 


"Just another thank you and to say the positive comments are still rolling in and I always give you a plug. I certainly don't regret one cent of my investment!"

~ Ann, Warrnambool, VIC 


"Thank-you for your style guide. My husband and I had a lot of fun shopping together in Melbourne. It's been years since I thought clothes shopping was fun. I LOVED whipping out my 'licence to shop' but the best part was being able to have confidence in my decision making, especially saying no to clothes that were not quite right, even if the price was attractive."

~ Jennifer, Warrnambool, VIC 


"A week after you were here I had my hair colour changed and it is now the closest to natural that it has been for a VERY long time.  No streaks, no foils - just one colour.  It has faded a bit over the last four weeks but another appointment next week will see me doing the same thing.  John came home that first week and every night he would say - "I really like your hair".  All comments from others have been positive and people are saying my eyes look much browner (didn't think that was possible).  I have also noticed that the colours in my palette look really good with my new (original) hair colour.

I have not bought a lot of new clothes - I won't now unless I am really happy with the purchase.  I did buy a new trench coat in the colour and style (that is mine) I can see the difference and why I didn't like the one I already had.  I have bought a couple of new tops in my colours and really love them. So much is making sense now - you know you like or dislike something but are not sure just why - now it is coming together."

~ Sue, Muswellbrook