Personal Style Workshop

Private Style Consultation - (5 hour session)

This information packed workshop will guide you to your unique "style".

Bodies are not born equal, but we can all have style!

In the Style consultation we will ~

  • Assess your body line and explain how it influences clothing choices
  • Analyse your face shape and find hairstyles, necklines, collars, glasses and jewellery to suit
  • Establish your jacket options, your range of lengths to complement your body
  • Discover you best skirt and shirt styles
  • Find your most flattering fabric weight and print styles
  • And much, much more!

At the conclusion of your personal style workshop you will be armed with principals and strategies, tips and tools to benefit you for life. 

Save money on your future wardrobe by investing in your personal style now!

Testimonials ~

"Hi Robyn, we had a great time in Melbourne with our friends and I looked fabulous. I had numerous compliments about my clothes and style. Thank you again for all your help cheers!" - Penny, Orange, NSW

"I’m loving my new style, letting my hair grow longer, lost 6kgs and getting lots of wonderful comments. Thank-you!" - Allison, Bathurst, NSW

"Hi Robyn, I thought I would fill you in on my recent purchases. I now have a new fascination for accessories and have recently been to Melbourne and had an absolute ball..........so many shops! I brought two dresses and wore one of them to a wedding felt great when I left the house which is a definite change for a formal event and yes I wore heels!! I have never had so many compliments in my life (all thanks to you)." - Siobhan, Bathurst, NSW

"Hi Robyn, Just touching base and letting you know I went shopping the other day and it is a whole different experience when you know what you are looking for/avoiding etc. Looking forward to the shop on Monday." - Lucinda, Orange, NSW