Image Presentations

Robyn Robertson, your Image Consultant is available for your event.

Robyn will walk you through the intricacies of Image Consulting.

She will take you on a journey through colour analysis and how it works. Demonstrate right and not so right colour and how just lipstick can change your look and your day!

Or give you a peek into a style session. Watch how your look can be transformed by a simple hem length or a well fitted jacket.With tips on whats in style right now.

Moving through to accessories, learn how to tie that favorite scarf, and work with accessories to create a new look.

Or take you through a journey into dressing for success. The right and wrong way to go about it! what to wear for a job interview etc.

Please email or phone Robyn arrange your presentation.

Which ever presentation you choose Robyn will be an interesting, thought provoking and inspirational speaker a sure way to get everyone’s attention and have everyone talking Image!