Do I have to lose weight before I participate in the style workshop?

No, your bone structure determines your body shape, so your body shape stays the same no matter what your weight. Proportion is the key to great dressing. We will assess your proportions and style you forever, even if your body weight changes.

Will I have to throw out my whole wardrobe?

No, I will advise you how to use your existing clothing that is not quite correct by adding make-up or accessories in your best colours. I will also write you a list of garments to purchase to get that wardrobe working for you!

Can you find the perfect hairstyle for my face shape?

Yes! Once your face shape has been ascertained we will find hair styles, frames, earrings and hat shape and style to suit you.

Will I need to do this again?

No, booking an update every now and then will keep you on track and looking fabulous!