To Wear or Not to Wear Wide Leg Pants?

Wide leg pants are making a come-back letting our minds wonder back to the 70's. For those of you who were there, oh the memories! And those not that lucky - it's now time to make your own wide leg memories. Before you race out and grab your own wide leg pants here are the do's and don'ts of wide leg wearing…..The good news is, we can all wear them if you follow my guide-lines.

  1. You must wear a heel, wide legs with flats just don't work. You will look bottom heavy (like a duck). Try a block, wedge or stiletto matching the heel to the fabric - heavier weight fabric works best with a more substantial heel.
  2. Make sure your pants fit your bottom well, the only part of wide leg pants that should be wide are the legs!! Baggy bums will not work here.
  3. Now that you have your bottom half looking swish it's time to work on the top. Your top half should always be neat and fitted to create balance to your body. A baggy top with wide legs spells disaster for your proportions and makes you look wide and wide just doesn't work. Do the style math……wide legs + heels + fitted top = looking fine, party on this summer!